Saturday, February 8, 2014

Literal USB Stick

Just a quick hack/mod this weekend.  I got a promotional USB Drive during the week and wanted to do something interesting with it.  I was looking for something to hide it in something interesting like a toy car or some Lego, but I'd seen that done many times.  Then I thought, hang on, people call these USB sticks, why don't I create a Literal USB Stick!  This has been done before (link) but I already had the drive and I have plenty of sticks in my backyard, plus buying things is no as much fun!  Here's how I did it.
  1. Select your USB Drive.
  2. Select a stick that is thick enough to fit your USB Drive in.
  3. Cut the stick to the desired length.
  4. Sit your USB Drive on the end of the stick and trace around it.
  5. Plan and mark where to drill your holes to maximise the wood removal and minimise clean up later.  I drilled three 5.5mm holes (see below).
  6. Figure out how deep you need to go and drill the holes.
  7. Cleanup the hole until your USB Drive fits in snuggly.
  8. Optionally silicon in your drive (mine seems tight enough without it for now).
  9. Action Shot!!

A link to my Google+ Gallery is below.


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